Porsche 356 Ohlins Suspension Kit

Our first production series of ten WEVO Ohlins 356 front dampers – all sold and ready to ship to discerning Porsche 356 drivers.

WEVO have been working with Ohlins since 2006 on 911 series products. In 2010 we initiated an Ohlins 356 damper program during race preparation of the 1964 356C that was used for the 2010 Peking to Paris Rally.

Since then we have developed this unique packaging for the compact requirements of the front damper and a mounting and adjustment system for the 356 rear dampers. Simultaneously we have worked on revisions of the damper valving and adjustment range to suit the specific needs of the 356 Coupes and the slightly different requirements of the 356 Cabriolet, Roadster and Speedster.

After almost 50,000km of testing we believe the product is honed and ready for the 356 market.

These single adjustable Ohlins dampers transform the stability of a 356 and offer taught control of the chassis and a supple ride that provides for hours of comfort when heading for long distances in your 356.

The Ohlins modular product ideology makes these units fully serviceable, rebuild-able and tune-able with WEVO adding our bespoke components to configure the dampers for direct bolt-on installation to the Porsche 356 chassis.

Unlike aftermarket dampers with confusing multiple adjusters, we have done the hardest part of the tuning during our product development. Balancing the compression and rebound damping to match the 356 characteristics of wheelbase, weight distribution, polar moment of inertia and damper motion ratios. The single adjuster quite simply makes the whole range stiffer or softer and allows you to match the dampers more accurately to your car and driving conditions.

$4450 per car set. Specify “Coupe” or “Cab-Road-Speed” for correct characteristics.

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