The WEVO 356 5-Speed transmission kit is a single source/single price product. Global sales are handled by Windrush Evolutions Inc in the USA. There is no reseller network. Please email all inquiries to

356 5-Speed Cost

The price for the 356 5-Speed kit B/C version is currently under revision, please call for pricing.

The price for the 356 5-Speed kit A version is currently under revision, please call for pricing.

There is one price with no trade discounts.

It is anticipated that car owners will buy a kit and send it to an accredited builder or their transmission expert, this is the same situation as any OE Porsche transmission being sent to a specialist for rebuild. The assembler is therefore not burdened with the initial outlay or cashflow implications of purchasing the 356 5-Speed kit. The assembler will profit from the parts and labor associated with sourcing, preparing / remediating the 901 core parts and the final assembly labor of the 356 5-Speed transmission.

356 5-Speed Accredited Builders

To become an accredited 356 5-Speed builder the minimum commitment will be the purchase of the specialist assembly tools and shims required for CWP set-up in the 356 5-Speed cases. In addition it will be necessary to demonstrate a history of commercial experience with the 901 series transmission.

Accredited builders will be added to this website when that process is established.

356 5-Speed DIY Builders

If you are fortunate enough to be a skilful home technician, you will enjoy appreciable savings by performing all the work yourself, with the added satisfaction of building a unique and valuable transmission for your 356. The special 356 5-Speed tools will be available for short term hire or purchase by home technicians.