Facts about the 356 5-speed

Key points of the WEVO Porsche 356 5-speed conversion:

  • Can be installed in a 356 B or C with NO modifications to the chassis
  • Your original numbers matching 356 transmission is not harvested of any primary internal components – it can be stored and preserved in complete condition for the future
  • Every part supplied in the 356 5-Speed kit is new
  • The kit is designed to be assembled with parts in the kit plus new or used Porsche 901 series transmission parts not included in the kit
  • The donor pool for 901, 911 and 914 transmissions is over 215,000 units. Typical core prices are in the US$500 – $1000 range and the transmissions are widely available
  • A skillful home technician can build this kit if they can rebuild a 901 transmission with confidence
  • A Porsche specialist experienced in 901 transmission service and repair will recognize all aspects of the assembly procedure for the 356 5-Speed

The WEVO 356 5-speed kit has been specifically designed to accommodate the Porsche 901 series internal components and crownwheel and pinion gears. This means that our engineering exercise has re-packaged those gears, shafts, shift forks, final drive unit into a new cast aluminum housing that can be bolted into the 356 chassis using all the original mountings.

The essential parts of the original 356 specific architecture, like the clutch release, starter position, axle location, and side covers that mount the swing-axle tubes have been incorporated into the engineering of the corresponding parts of the 356 5-Speed solution.

The result is a hybrid design that satisfies both requirements. It looks like and works like a 356 swing-axle transmission, but is built using 901 gears and parts. Download the manual for the Porsche 356 5-speed transmission here.

The Porsche 901 series is a much tougher transmission, so automatically you have a more durable transmission with the capability of working reliably with a more powerful engine and tires with more grip.

You have 5 gears! For the first time, 356s can be equipped with an off-the-shelf solution offering 5 gears. The first time you test drive the car you will realize what you have been missing all this time! Contact us to discuss your order of the WEVO 356 5-speed transmission.